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Current favorite jean shorts all under $40!

Every year summer comes around and for whatever reason it seems like all of my shorts from last year have disappeared. It also seems harder and harder to find shorts that actually cover my butt, but aren't totally out of style because of this i have rounded up my favorite distressed shorts that cover the cheeks, still look cute and of course are affordable!

KanCans are my favorite brand of jeans and shorts and it's because they have the perfect fit. Most KanCans are sold at boutiques and start at about $50 for one pair. Now i have paid that before but nobody wants to pay that much for a pair of shorts. I (being the bargain hunter i was raised to be) found a few cute pair of KanCan shorts for under $20! Can you say SCORE!

I'll post their size chart below but for reference -I'm 5-2 118 lbs and i wear a S.

If you are looking to spend a little more on some shorts American Eagle has the cutest 90s style Mom fit shorts! I've linked a few others that i love above and all are under $40! Such a steal!

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