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Carson's Villain Birthday

For Carson’s 6th birthday we wanted it to be special. Since moving to Utah he hadn’t had any kid parties and really wanted a fun party this year. If anybody knows Carson then they know he loves three things; Pandas, Spider-man and Disney villains. Now, we couldn’t have a party with all 3 – though he would have like that – so when it came time to pick a theme he chose Villains. So, to the Pinterest board I went and let me tell you, there isn’t much for a Disney villain birthday party. It was now in my hands…I had to get creative. Luckily, Sky’s mom is like a party queen so together we planned a really fun villain birthday! I will try and leave links and pdfs to everything I used. First thing we needed was games.

Games We found an awesome Disney Villain Bingo Game It was so easy to download and go and print off the cards.

Next, I made a Captain Hook Ring Toss. I used pirate hooks from the toy section at the dollar tree, glued them to a piece of board, Cricut cut vinyl for the letters and then used the plastic diving rings to toss. The kids loved it and it was very inexpensive.

Carson came up with Pin the Iago on Jafar. A Disney Villain twist on pin the tail on the donkey. The kids had the best time playing that.

The kids had a lot of fun with Bobbing for Poisonous Apples. Another super easy game! We got a party tub from Walmart, a bag of apples, and filled the tub with water. The kids loved it and it was hilarious to watch!

On to Musical Villains! I decided to make something similar to musical chairs but with these awesome villain face circles. I thought it would be really fun but we ended up not having enough time. Decorations I decided for plates and napkins to go really simple with solid purple and lime green that I picked up at Walmart. I used confetti champagne flutes – also from Walmart – and used my Cricut to add the crow silhouettes. I finished them off with purple and green curly ribbons.

We built a photo backdrop using 3 plastic table cloths, paper flowers and boas I found at Dollar Tree. Characters- I run a character company in Utah and can provide pretty much any character. So when Carson requested Ursula i had to make it happen!

I grabbed some striped black and white paper straws at Michaels and made toppers out of card stock. I will link the file below for the toppers.

Food (the best part!) Food ideas took a while to come up with. I needed everything to be themed but still appropriate for picky (read: 6 year old) children.

For drinks we did “Poor Unfortunate Souls Punch It was the Green Hawaiian punch with a splash of sprite. Adding gummy Sour Octopus candies made it more fun and of course we had to throw in dry ice to give it the potion illusion.

We decided to serve lunch and did Cruella’s Mini Dogs which were Lil smokey’s wrapped in Pillsbury crescent rolls.

To go with the Mini dogs we had “Jafar Mini Staffs” Which were just Cheetos.

Dessert was probably my favorite part. Sky’s mom made “Evil Queen Poisonous Apples” purple candy apples.

We also made “Ursula tentacles” chocolate dipped pretzel sticks with chocolate chips.

We made “Mischief Munch” – just popcorn sprayed purple with food coloring spray, alongside some sprinkles and green chocolate pearls. We finished it off by drizzling black candy melts over the top.

Cassidy Cookies made us the cutest cookies I have ever seen! They were a big hit at the party and we got so many compliments on them. She is so talented! I will link her page below.

All and all I would say a very successful, budget friendly birthday party!

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