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The search for the Perfect Bed!

Bedding: Dash Boy's Room Photography: Grace Rose Photography My son sat in the corner giving me sad puppy dog eyes as we disassembled his bed. Carson, who was 4 at the time, had slept in his Car toddler bed a total of maybe 5 times in the previous 2 years. Yet, somehow, the day I decided it needed to go was the day that it was, "his favorite bed ever" and that I was "so mean to get rid of it." I told him once we got to Utah we would get him a big boy bed that would be way better than his old Cars bed. So that became my daily mission; everyday I would browse online searching for the perfect bed and everyday my efforts would fall flat. I just couldn't find anything as cool as his Lightning McQueen bed. But, I wasn't giving up. I decided to take to the Internets and browse Pinterest to try to find some ideas for a cute, unique, boy bed. I really liked the idea of a loft bed because you didn't lose any floor space but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Finally I ended up finding a wooden loft bed on KSL for under $150. We planned on just painting it his favorite colors, black and white. 

I love my child more than anything in the world, but if I'm being honest, he's definitely gone through a period of having serious separation issues. Carson was pretty upset about having to get rid of was his cardboard playhouse we got from him from Michael's. If you've ever owned one, you know once its built you can't realistically un-build it without ripping it somewhere and having it fall apart. It quickly goes from a playhouse to a pile of trash once the first little fastener is pulled out. Still Carson said he didn't care, he just wanted his little cardboard house to sleep in after he finished playing. Suddenly a light bulb went off! What if we turned his loft bed into a playhouse on the bottom? I brought the idea to Sky and he thought it was great. Carson loved the idea too. We channeled our inner "Chip" and "Joanna" and went to work. We bought mini curtain rods from Walmart and Sky's mom turned panda print fabric into valances. We hung up a bulletin board where he could put up pictures, moved his kitchen play-set inside, and set up a place for his stuffed animals to hang out. Pretty soon that boring loft bed was a looking like a little house modeled after Carson's personality. He loved his little space! When Christmas came he decided to ask Santa for a door and couch. (yeah, you should have seen the look on Santa's face when he asked for that!) I'm pretty sure, based on the glares I was getting from the elves, that they thought we lived in a home missing all the basic necessities...ya know, like doors and basic furniture. After setting the record straight that he was talking about a door for his playhouse, back to the shop we went. Sky decided a door and couch weren't enough and though Carson would like to have a little table to draw at, so he built a Murphy style desk that pulls down from the inside of the wall and then closes up, flush with the sides when he's all finished. When Christmas came we installed everything and he was so surprised and happy when he saw his now finished playhouse! I'll be honest, I was pretty happy too. It turned out so cute!

He spends all his time in there. It's definitely his favorite place to be, especially when the weather is too cold to spend time outside. He loves that it's all his. The big drawback to having a playhouse under his bed, is the space that exists between the top of his mattress and his ceiling. For a grown adult (or even a 5 year old for that matter) the likelihood of hitting your head while you're trying to make it was about 100%. I was getting frustrated. About that time, my luck changed and I found Beddy's or rather, Beddy's found me.

I was up one night, scrolling Facebook and I saw an ad for Beddy's. From what I could tell, this was a bedding with zippers and not only sounded like a great idea, but a real solution to my problem. Usually when Facebook suggests things I might need or want (or something I just had a recent conversation about with Sky) I get pretty creeped out. This time, I didn't really mind, but cause it was nothing short of perfect. I clicked on the website, read about the company, and scrolled through the options. I found pictures, prices then picked a black and white polka dot option. Beddy's is actually a company started by a local Utah mom who was sick of trying to make bunk beds so she came up with Beddy's which solved her problem. Ours arrived only a few days after I ordered it - perks of being local. Lol. As soon as we unboxed it I put it up on Carson's bed. He liked it because it was black and white and on the inside it's lined with minky which was "cozy" as he said. That night he unzipped the side and climbed into it, much like a sleeping bag. The next morning Carson came running down stairs shouting, "Mom, I made my bed and it doesn't look all ugly either!" I came into the room to a perfectly made bed and such a proud little boy. I didn't expect to love our Beddy's much as I do. But I am so glad we found them! Now I want a Beddy's on all the beds in our house. It seriously was such a great find. I don't hit my head anymore trying to make a bed and Carson feels independent and proud he can make his bed all on his own!

Thanks Beddy's

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